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Fishing in Maldives

Fishing in Maldives (Best Time, Atoll, Price, Season, Packages, Course & Resorts)

A cluster of more than two thousands small low lying coral island on the Indian Ocean present its tourists with snowy white beaches surrounded by turquoise lagoons and presence of lush palm trees here and there. A soothing and calm environment along with breathtaking coral gardens beneath the Indian Ocean, creates a setting that is perfect for all vacations.

From honeymoon to family trip to business tours to an adventure tour, Maldives has something to offer every one’s interests and liking. The island with its mesmerizing natural beauty, refreshing environment is one of the most popular tourist destinations.

What makes the Maldives all the more special is availability of various options of water sports and excursion making your otherwise calm and relaxed vacation. Some of the water sports in Maldives such as water skiing, jet skiing, snorkeling, Scuba diving, parasailing, surfing, dolphin and whale watching, etc.

Fishing in Maldives (Best Time, Atoll, Price, Season, Packages, Course & Resorts)

One of the most exciting and interesting of all the water sports is fishing. There are mainly two kinds of fishing that you can go for. Both the kinds are interesting and present tourist with breathtaking natural settings for fishing.

For morning fishing, most popularly called as big games fishing, your Dhoni moves just around the atoll enclosure reefs where you can find exotic big fishes. Sailfish, marlin, barracuda, yellow fin tuna, wahoo, swordfish along with many other big fishes are few of common catches outside the atoll.

This kind of fishing mainly depends on the weather condition and fishing location. The fishing generally ends with mouth-watering barbecue and music under the moonlit sky by the sea side.

Night fishing presents tourists with thrill and excitement along with amazing natural setting of the star studded sky and a soothing atmosphere. For night fishing, Dhoni leaves the island in the evening and anchors by the outer Atoll reefs as the darkness increases.

The lines and sinkers are dropped in the reef waters from different sides of the Dhoni. Some of the common catches during night fishing are emperors, snappers, squirrel fish, jacks and other reef fishes. The experience of catching exquisite fish amidst the best of natural setting is something any fishing lover would like to have.

The island presents suitable conditions and environment as well for the water sports. Favorable environment conditions like high visibility of the water makes the sports more enjoyable. The visibility of the water is up to 15 – 40 meters (50 – 130 feet). Even the temperature of the water throughout the year is moderate and presents a favorable picture.

The temperature of water usually 24°C (75°F) in February and July to 27°C (81°F) in April, May and September. Along with these, exotic flora and fauna beneath the Indian Ocean makes these sports all the more charming and exciting.

The facilities offered by the most of the resorts and hotels for the comforts of their tourists are of high quality. Basic equipment such as fish rods, fish finders and international fishing hooks along with Dhoni, local Maldivian boats and speedboats are readily available.