Maldivians - The People of Maldives, Clothing & Beliefs

Maldivians – Maldives People (Photos, Religion & Language)

Maldives is populated by roughly 180,000 people who call themselves Devehis (islanders), and their language is Divehi. The Maldives people are a clear ethnic category with a unique language derived from Sinhala. They have a homogeneous cultural tradition.

In early medieval times they followed Buddhism of Sri Lanka type , but in 1153 they were converted to Islam by order of their ruler. Now all people of Maldives are strong believers of Islam.

Maldives people are very friendly and highly spiritual and dedicated. They have great respect for each other and to the guests. They are very warm welcoming. the culture of Maldivian people reflect a blend of tradition and modernity. Old customs and Muslim traditions are respected.

People of this country are however extremely superstitious. The people in Maldives have strong family ties and are simple and family oriented. The people are intelligent and devout.

All Maldivians have open access to education, they focus mainly on education. The government is dedicated to improving the life of the people on the islands. Young people are encouraged to strive for higher education.

Under government sponsorship young students are given grants to study abroad and they return they are ready to do significant role in the economy of nation.

Maldives people are tolerant as well as playful. Their hospitality is great. As soon as you landed their land the island chief provides a cold coconut drink and a healthy snack, usually made of seafood and welcomes the guest.

The people of the country are dark skinned and have an athletic built. Most of them are either football players or excellent divers. Young citizens of Maldives are encouraged to take part in sports and other games.

They are equally good in tennis, cricket and badminton. Young citizens of Maldives are encouraged to take part in sports and other games and develop physically as well as intellectually and morally.

Women have always had an important role in the family and community. Women hold strong positions in government and business. A large percentage of government employees are women.

The people of Maldives are known for their simplicity and friendly nature. They are the people whom everyone wants to mingle with.