Maldives Weather, Forecast & Best Time to Visit

Maldives Weather, Forecast & Best Time to Visit

Maldives with its natural beauty looks nothing less than a paradise. It is not just the charm of the nature that will catch your attention but also the environment of the island will make an impression on you.

Maldives with its amazing scenic beauty is sure to mesmerise you in the best way possible. Its snowy white beaches with turquoise lagoons and coral reefs surrounding the beaches along with greenness of palm trees create a soothing atmosphere to relax and rejuvenate yourself.

Maldivian Islands have pleasant climate throughout the year making it perfect touring destination at any time of the year. The island has tropical island along with warm temperatures. The atmosphere is soothing with warm sun shines and cool sea breeze in the evenings.

The temperature of the island is warm throughout the year because of the slight change in variations in the daily temperature. However, the weather of Maldives is mostly determined by the monsoons and thus the Maldivian climate can be categorized in two main kinds.

Weather in Maldives
Weather in Maldives (courtesy: shaafi)

These are-the dry season that is brought by northeast winter monsoon and last between the months of end of October until end of March and the rainy season that is caused by southwest summer monsoon and is between the months of April end and end of October.

No matter what the season is, the Maldives’ weather always retains its pleasantness and charm and let you enjoy the place at ease. Though both the season offers amazing opportunities to spend your holidays, it is better to decide your time based on the season you love the most.

In the rainy season, you might have to see light to heavy rainfalls which can be accompanied by strong winds that might last from few hours to few days. The average temperature during this period can be between 27 and 33 degrees.

The dry season in Maldives can be a good time to visit Maldives and simply laze around or enjoy the warm sun shines on the beaches or to go exciting water sports such as diving, snorkeling and many more.

Maldives comprises of more than 2000 small islands that are further grouped in almost 26 atolls. Out of these 2000 islands, an approximate of 200 available for we humans.

Maldives Weather & Forecast
Maldives Weather & Forecast (courtesy: shaafi)

All the islands are unique in themselves and present you with amazing options to spend your holidays in. From a romantic trip to an adventure trip Maldives has something to offer each and everyone. The island present extraordinary setting to to spend your days and feel special.

Be it a honeymoon destination or wedding affair (beach or underwater) or adventure trip with family and friends, Maldives will pamper you in the best way possible. However to have the best of your holidays it is better to have proper knowledge about Maldives.

Knowing about the climate is quite essential as well as with proper information on this will let you plan your Maldives in a better way.

Maldives Tourism from Holidays DNA provides you with up to date information on the weather in Maldives. We suggest you the most appropriate time to visit Maldives based on the purpose of your trip.

You can decide all this and plan accordingly with the help of Maldives Weather advice from Holidays DNA.