Maldives Day Tours (All-inclusive w/ Price & Itinerary)

Maldives Day Tours & Excursions (w/ Price & Itinerary)

Maldives is not just another nation that you can visit only once and then check it off your bucket list. With more than a thousand little isles that make up the country’s atolls, you have innumerable places waiting to be explored. From sunset dolphin cruise to full-day Island hopping trip, Maldives present you with a range of day tours offering something for everyone. Given the paradise that The Maldives is, one can hardly run out of reasons to spend a few days in this patch of the Indian Ocean.

A clear favourite with honeymooners and even returning couples, The Maldives enthralls every visitor with its pristine beaches, clear waters and exotic villas. Whether you choose to vacation in a pocket-friendly homestay on a local island or splurge on a private island luxury resort, there is much you can see and do here.

From island hopping and snorkelling to meeting Maldivian locals and sampling authentic seafood, there’s an activity for every kind of traveller. Even if you have just a day to spare from your family holiday or honeymoon, you can experience a good dose of adventure and euphoria through our tailor-made Maldives day tours.

Day Tour Adventures in The Maldives

The Maldives which is located in the Indian Ocean is home to complex interconnected reef ecosystems which contain colourful coral columns, various marine plants, fishes, turtles, and other underwater fauna. Snorkelling and diving give you a closer look inside the ocean.

On the other hand, over the surface of the sea, one can delight in sighting dolphins or just savouring the sunset. Overwater experiences can be enjoyed on various types of vessels, from traditional dhonis to luxury yachts.

Maldives offers land-based tours also. Choose from picnicking on the sandbank, meeting local fishermen, shopping for indigenous goods, and more. Take a look at some interesting day tours in The Maldives.

#1 Walking Tours

#2 Snorkelling Safari & Picnic on a Sandbank

Snorkelling in Maldives
Snorkelling Safari in Maldives (Img credit: seefromthesky)

For under USD 100 per person, you can spend an entire day with your eyes glued underwater. Snorkelling is a water activity that lets you peek through the surface of the ocean without having to dive too deep. Some of the most popular snorkelling sites in The Maldives are Kandu Giri, Stingray City and Coral Garden. Choose from Maldives snorkelling packages that offer both half day and full day trips including meals.

Snorkelling safaris typically begin with a pickup from your hotel in Malé or resort in Maldives on a speedboat or yacht. During the course of the ride, the instructor explains the dos and dont’s of snorkelling, breathing techniques and also how to wear your snorkelling gear and fins. If you don’t have your own snorkelling mask, they provide washed and sanitized reusable masks with the pipe.

Picnic on a Sandbank
Picnic on a Sandbank Day Tour (Image credit: (Img credit: seefromthesky)

Life jackets are mandatory as the waters get deeper when you venture away from the islands and into the high seas. Even if you are afraid of water or cannot swim, snorkelling is possible, thanks to your life jacket and floating tubes which are harnessed to a diving assistant. If you are comfortable with swimming, do carry a GoPro or other underwater photo and video recording devices to capture the beautiful world under the ocean surface. Camera phones with waterproof covering also do the trick.

Any snorkelling tour in The Maldives includes halts at two to three diving spots. The snorkelling instructor guides you below the water surface and motions where to find gorgeous corals, starfishes, undersea turtles, sting rays, reef sharks, tropical fishes and other marine life. Some day tours also have a stop at a deserted sandbank where you are served a simple lunch to be relished sitting on the white sands, picnic-style.

#3 Scuba Diving Excursion

Scuba Diving in Maldives
Scuba Diving Excursions in Maldives (Image credit: sebaspenalambarri)

Those who wish to travel deeper under the ocean must take up diving. Scuba diving day tours in The Maldives are ideal for those who are experienced divers or PADI certified. Nevertheless, even beginners can make the most of their diving excursion by following all the instructions given by the guides.

All the gear for scuba diving such as wetsuits, fins, buoyancy compensator and oxygen tanks are provided by the dive centre where you sign up. Breathing through your mouth and remembering the underwater communication hand signals are the only tasks you need to follow.

Your guide will carry some fish feed to attract all the vibrant schools of fishes and ensure you have a great time inside the Indian Ocean. You may also be able to sight whale sharks, Napoleon Wrasses, tiger sharks, manta rays, hammerheads and eagle rays. Your underwater photos and videos will be captured by the diving experts and shared to you as soon as you return to land.

While most dive sites in Maldives are quite shallow, between 10 and 20 metres of depth, you might be able to deep dive at some locations, up to 40 metres. The most amazing feature of Maldives’ seabed is its coral reefs. Rich in marine nutrients, the columns attract an abundance of life forms. The Ari Atoll is preferred over other sites for its wide range of pelagic fish and other species.

#4 Marine Conservation Eco Tour

Marine Conservation Eco Tour
Marine Conservation Eco Tour / Fathimath and Hassan of Save the Beach (Image credit: Zafar

Nature lovers and sustainability enthusiasts will be interested in marine conservation tours which are conducted on public islands and some Eco-friendly private islands. The tours are conducted in association with marine conservation organizations and NGOs focusing on marine life preservation.

Through the course of the day tour, you will get an overview of marine conservation practices adopted by groups such as Save The Beach. You will also gain insights into the challenges they face. Dive into coral nurseries and learn about waste management and innovations in coral grafting to repair and help Maldives’ reef ecosystems thrive.

You can also take an hour-long walking tour of Villimale, which used to be a prison. Stroll on the narrow lanes, hear about the island’s past and the efforts that are being made to conserve its natural ecosystem. To end the evening, you will get to sample Maldivian savoury short eats called ‘hedika’ along with some tea.

#5 Photo Cruise on a Yacht & Dolphin Ride

Photo Cruise on a Yacht & Dolphin Ride
Photo Cruise on a Yacht & Dolphin Ride (Image credit: shaafi)

Maldives is a destination dear to luxury travellers. With its private island resorts, over water villas and bespoke services, the country attracts well-heeled visitors. If you wish to celebrate a special occasion or just go on a romantic evening cruise, chartering a private yacht in Maldives is the way to go!

Your yacht will have at least one en-suite private cabin. Some tours also offer champagne and nibbles to enjoy the sea breeze. If your tour is in the afternoon or late at night, pick a package that includes a large meal.

While a yacht ride is ideal at any time of the day, to capture the stunning hues of the sky, sunset dolphin cruises are the best. You can also time your trip to sight pods of dolphins that travel together. Their rhythmic leaps are soothing to watch.

Maldives one day trip packages include photo cruises, where a professional photographer takes perfectly timed images of your partner and you engrossed in pensive moments. You can later get the best snaps framed or save them for social media.

#6 Surfing & Fishing Tour

Surfing & Fishing Tour Maldives
Surfing & Fishing Tour (Image credit: jailam_r)

This tour is for intermediates and experts only. You should be comfortable catching waves if you wish to go on a surfing day tour, as one day is too short a time for beginners to learn to surf. A charter boat will ferry you to various dive sites where you will be transferred to a dhingy.

Dhingies are small boats that reduce your effort as you don’t have to paddle out. Reach the lineup directly and enjoy the highs of catching Maldivian waves. Surfing requires great timing as this part of the Indian Ocean tends to be largely flat. Some of the Maldives day tour packages let you learn fishing or go snorkelling when the seas are calm.

Maldivian Islands have pleasant climate throughout the year. You can surf in The Maldives at any time of the year except November to January, the dry season. Male Atolls, Central Atolls and the Outer Atolls have different surf seasons each. While some beach resorts offer easy waves close to the shore, you can catch bigger ones when you book a liveaboard or a surf charter.

#7 Maldivian Food Tour with Local Market Visit

Maldivian Food Tour with Local Market Visit
Maldivian Food Tour with Local Market Visit (Image credit:

Food walks in The Maldives are all about local produce, fresh catch and intense flavours. Prepare your senses for a farm-to-plate experience as you first go shopping for the ingredients in Male’s bustling markets, then hop onto a ferry to a nearby island such as Hulhumale to meet your host. Finally, cherish the memories of a Maldivian meal shared with a Dhivehi family.

Walk through Male city’s fruit and vegetable markets and choose from exotic tropical options, then pick some aromatic condiments at the spice market. After you arrive at your Maldivian host’s home, learn how authentic local curries and seafood are prepared. You will also have the opportunity to participate in marinating the fish, chopping veggies or milking coconut.

With memorable adventures and first-hand local interactions, these day tours in The Maldives will help you travel deeper and infuse more meaning into your holiday. You can find packages that offer lots of other activities like sailing, adventure sports, walking tours and dhoni cruises. So, when you travel to this island nation, plan to stay for longer.