Maldives 2 Days & 1 Night Tour Packages with All-inclusive Price & Itinerary

Maldives Tour Packages 2 Days & 1 Night

The Maldives is a group of about 1,200 islands in the Indian Ocean. The country is known for its luxurious resorts that sit on their own private islands. Famous the world over for its balmy weather, pristine beaches and clear waters, The Maldives beckons travellers to spend their vacations lazing all day and indulging in the art of doing nothing. Holidaying options to this archipelago are plentiful, ranging from the Maldives Tour Package 2 Days & 1 Night to sojourns that last more than a couple of weeks. Getaways to this island destination are suitable for couples, singles and families alike.

Maldives 2 Days & 1 Night Packages – Overview

Overview of Maldives 2 Days & 1 Night Packages with all-inclusive price & itinerary
Overview of Maldives 2 Days & 1 Night Packages with all-inclusive price & itinerary (courtesy: colinwatts)

When you have just 2 days in The Maldives, every minute counts. That is the reason the 2 days and 1 night packages are designed to show you the highlights of the country in a short span of time. From the moment you step out of the Maldives International Airport, the clock begins to tick.

You have the option to stay at a private island resort or the nearest public islands of Malé – the capital city of The Maldives, Hulhumalé and Maafushi. All the packages include a meet-and-greet service by a tour staff or hotel representative at the Velana International Airport.

Depending on the distance of your chosen resort or hotel and your budget, you will be provided with transportation from the airport on a public ferry, a speedboat or a seaplane. In case the island requires a domestic flight, you will have to book that separately.

Maldives 2 Days & 1 Night Packages include accommodation at your chosen hotel, guesthouse or resort for a night. Breakfast is included in all packages. However, for lunches and dinners, your chosen meal plan applies.

You may select from half board (which includes either lunch or dinner, in addition to the complimentary breakfast), full-board (includes all meals – breakfast, lunch and dinner) and all-inclusive (a top-up on the full-board package with unlimited drinks and snacks in the evening).

Certain packages throw in a complimentary water activity as well. You have the option to indulge in canoeing, surfing, jet skiing and flyboarding. You may also add on a dolphin-watching sunset cruise to your itinerary.

Some resorts in the Maldives also offer a complimentary spa treatment (based on your package category). Therapies last for as little as 10 minutes for a quick foot massage to a 2-hour session with full body scrub, massage and bath.

Why Book with Samudra Maldives?

Why book your Maldives 2 Days & 1 Night Tour Packages with Samudra Maldives

When you book with us, you free yourself of all the stress of planning a holiday. At Samudra Maldives, we ensure that every itinerary is customized to the client’s taste and budget. Whether it is things to do in Maldives alone (solo) that you are looking for or a romantic getaway, our team will design your vacation to your liking.

We work with numerous tour operators, hotel chains and resorts in this Asian paradise and have the flexibility to give you the experience you desire – from popular activities to do in Maldives to going off the beaten trail.

Resort & Hotel Options with Our Maldives 2 Days & 1 Night Tour Packages

Resort & Hotel Options with Our Maldives 2 Days & 1 Night Tour Packages
Resort & Hotel Options with Our Maldives 2 Days & 1 Night Tour Packages (courtesy: saffu)

We offer a number of hotels and resorts to choose from when you book our Maldives 2 Days & 1 Night Tour Packages, similar to the ones listed below.

Sheraton Maldives Full Moon Resort & Spa

Located on Furanafushi Island, very close to Malé – the world’s smallest capital, this high-end resort by the Marriott group is a stunning choice for a night-stay. Live in one of their ocean-view villas or overwater bungalows for an unforgettable holiday.

JEN Maldives Malé by Shangri-La

The most premium hotel in the capital city, this one offers you an infinity pool and balconies overlooking the Indian Ocean. Dine at their rooftop seafood restaurant or savour Southeast Asian flavours at the all-day dining establishment.

Hulhule Island Hotel

Sitting on the same island as the Malé International Airport, this upscale hotel has only ocean-facing rooms. Their spa offers a welcome retreat after a long-haul flight while their gym and indoor sports options keep you active.

Hotel Ocean Grand at Hulhumale

This beachfront hotel on the public island of Hulhumalé lets you relax with a mocktail on its sunbeds at the sunrise terrace. You may also enjoy picnics and night fishing tours from here.

Popular Sightseeing Places to Visit on your Maldives 2 Days & 1 Night Tour Packages

Popular Sightseeing Places to Visit on your Maldives 2 Days & 1 Night Tour Packages
Popular Sightseeing Places to Visit on your Maldives 2 Days & 1 Night Tour Packages (courtesy: alimaah)

Whether you are looking for romantic activities or something to do with the family, with just two days to spare, you will still have plenty of sightseeing choices.

Artificial Beach

As the name suggests, this crescent-shaped beach in the capital is manmade. Protected from strong sea waves through tetrapods, this public beach is safe for swimming, even with children. Giving due respect to Maldives’ history and culture, it is advisable to dress modestly (no bikinis or topless bathing) even while swimming.

Rasrani Bageecha

Also known as Sultan Park, this 16th-century garden boasts of 18,000 trees and a wooden vantage point. Kids will love the glass treehouse and play-tunnel. A traditional Maldivian pavilion and hammocks are other attractions inside this park.

You will also be enthralled by the multi-storeyed fountain and the vertical garden with a walking trail and benches to rest along the way. Tickets are priced at MVR 75 per person for foreign nationals. Local Maldivians have free entry.

Villimalé Island

Visiting Villingili (Villimalé) Island requires a ferry, but it is worth the effort as this tiny isle is home to a freshwater lake. Unthinkable in a saltwater environment, the interior of this island is full of mangroves. You can even sign up for the 4-hour Villimalé eco walking tour to experience this island intimately.

Hukuru Miskiiy

Alternatively known as the Old Friday Mosque or Malé Friday Mosque, this Islamic shrine is the oldest one in the country and dates back to the 17th century. The interiors of this mosque have Quranic inscriptions carved on wood while the exteriors are made of white corals.

Activities & Things to Do on your Maldives 2 Days & 1 Night Tour Packages

Activities & Things to Do on your Maldives 2 Days & 1 Night Tour Packages

There is no need to understand Dhivehi – local language of The Maldives to take in the essence of the country. Get insights into this archipelago through souvenirs and when you participate in activities and shop around its streets.

With hardly any time on hand, a full day Malé bike tour with a guide is highly recommended for the variety of sights you can soak in with a local. If it is not merely sightseeing that you are after, you can also dip into the world of water sports.

Approach any dive centre by the beach to select from a bevy of options – jet skiing, kayaking, paddle boarding, parasailing, knee boarding, surfing, rides on banana boats or glass-bottom boats, kite surfing, fun tubes, wakeboarding, mono skiing and flyboarding.

To discover the breathtaking underwater arena of The Maldives, you may even explore scuba diving, submarine or underwater scooter rides, undersea walking or snorkelling – activities that will give you a glimpse of corals, sponges, fishes, turtles and other marine creatures.

To indulge in activities that will not get you wet, you can opt for cruises that take you on a search for dolphins, whales, sharks or manta rays. Maldives island hopping tours offer the additional advantage of exploring different isles and sandbanks and sometimes, beachside picnics.

Shopping is another pastime that can be indulged in. Skip the touristy souvenir shops at the resorts and head to Majeedhee Magu – the shopping street of Malé! You will be able to haggle for the things you wish to buy here. Open from 9 AM to 11 PM every day, the stores that line this street sell traditional libaas, fashion accessories, electronic gadgets, imitation jewellery and cosmetics.

However, the best souvenirs from The Maldives are not only fridge magnets and postcards but also handicrafts and bags made of coconut shell and coir.

How to Reach Maldives?

How to reach Maldives to Experience our Maldives 2 Nights & 1 Day Package
How to reach Maldives to Experience our Maldives 2 Nights & 1 Day Package (courtesy: christalbot)

Maldives is located to the south west of India and can be reached through various direct and connecting flights. The main international airport in the country is the Velana International Airport on Hulhulé Island. If your holiday package involves a different island, you may also pick a flight to Gan International Airport, close to Addu City.

For stays that include travelling to a different island, a speedboat is usually deployed. For islands that are far from the Maldives International Airports, domestic flights operated by Maldivian, FlyMe and Manta Air are affordable options. Seaplanes offer direct connectivity to private island resorts and require no aerodromes for landing.

The Maldives Tour Package 2 Days & 1 Night is an exclusive package offered by Samudra Maldives that capitalizes on all the things you can see and do when you are pressed for time. Unlike any other tour package available with other holiday planners in the market, this vacation is designed to be ultra-short, yet fulfilling. Our hotels and resorts are selected to avoid excess travel from the airport. Additionally, each itinerary is customized to your comfort level so you never feel rushed or tired from a whirlwind trip.