What to do in Maldives for Honeymoon - Activities & Things to do in Maldives for Honeymoon

What to do in Maldives for Honeymoon

For avid travellers and almost everyone else, the most exciting thing about marriage except finding a soul mate is going someplace nice for the honeymoon. If you have picked The Maldives as your destination, you are certainly keeping up with the trends. However, you will still need to plan what to do in Maldives for your honeymoon to truly make the most of your holiday.

The very first trip that you take together as a married couple will build the foundation for many more trips to follow in the future. It is important that both of you spend time together planning for this. While surprises are really good to have, if your partner is a travel junkie, you should definitely take his or her input to ensure you won’t skip something that you’ll probably be able to do just once in a lifetime.

The best time of year to visit The Maldives is right after you tie the knot. Since the country enjoys a golden sunshine round the year, you need not worry about timing your honeymoon to any particular season. Just ensure you have your budget in place, and you will find plenty of ways to celebrate your special first holiday with your bae!

Discover a thousand ways to romance your life partner in more than a thousand islands in The Maldives. The archipelago is made up of roughly 1,200 small islands. You cannot put a finger on the number because a new man-made island is always coming up in the country.

The Maldives is located in the heart of the Indian Ocean, with nothing but sparkling blue waters on all sides. One glimpse of the shimmering white sands of this nation, and you will fall in love with it! Couples from around the world keep returning to this country for its pristine beauty and abundance of unexplored isles.

Activities & Things to Do in The Maldives on Your Honeymoon

If it is your very first vacation as a couple to these islands in South Asia, choose from one of our Maldives honeymoon packages. Your first impressions of the country will be formed as you arrive in Malé – capital city of The Maldives. There are a plethora of romantic activities to do in Maldives that will help you deepen your marital bond as you set out to enjoy an entire lifetime with each other.

#1 Overnight Sandbank Camping

Overnight Sandbank Camping by Soneva Fushi Maldives
Overnight Sandbank Camping by Soneva Fushi Maldives (Image credit: soneva.com)

An exciting way to pep up your romance is to go all out in creating an unforgettable experience for your partner. Splurge on the overnight sandbank camping service offered by Soneva Fushi – one of the most premium 5-star resorts in The Maldives. Their camp is designed for couples only, and both you and your better half are sure to be swept off your feet when over the course of the evening, the ensuing night and the subsequent morning.

As part of one of the most luxurious Maldives sandbank tours, you are taken to Soneva Fushi’s private sandbank in the Baa Atoll after sunset. The place is beautifully decorated for a romantic date, with diffused floor lamps and archaic lanterns to set the tone of the evening. Lasting over 12 hours, the sandbank camping begins with an intimate candlelight dinner. Relish the elaborate meal paired with a bottle of wine as your courses are served by the resort’s attendants.

After dinner, you two are left to yourselves under the starlit night sky, with only a Bedouin-style tent on the deserted sandbank. The camp is furnished with wooden furniture, a comfy bed with mosquito netting, and side tables. A modern water closet with canvas partitioning adds to the ‘glamping’ experience on the island.

Wake up the next morning to a glorious sunrise as the sands turn golden and the turquoise lagoon sparkles like sapphire. The island hosts will be back to offer you a sumptuous breakfast, post which you will be taken back to the main resort.

#2 Sunset Photo Cruise in a Dhoni

Snorkeling, Sandbank & Sunset Cruise Trip
Snorkeling, Sandbank & Sunset Cruise Trip (Image credit: mohamed_lammah)

One of the most romantic ways to woo your lover is to take her on a sunset cruise, even better when it’s on a dhoni – traditional Maldivian wooden boat! Typical to The Maldives, these sailboats can set the perfect mood for a dreamy evening. Sunset sailing cruises on a traditional dhoni add to the charm of the pure Maldivian sunset. The two most easily identifiable types of dhonis are masdhoni and vadhudhoni. While the latter is motorized, the former is a pole and line boat which is exclusively used for sailing.

To add to the cruise date, you can also club the trip with a photo cruise. Maldives day tours include photo cruises, where a professional photographer takes perfectly timed candid images of your partner and you engrossed in real or specially posed pensive moments. You can later get the best snaps framed or save them for social media.

While a dhoni ride is ideal at any time of the day, to capture the stunning hues of the sky, sunset cruises are the best. You can also time your trip to sight pods of dolphins that travel together. Their rhythmic leaps are soothing to watch. Some dhoni tours also offer champagne and nibbles to enjoy the sea breeze. If your tour is in the afternoon or late at night, pick a package that includes a large meal.

#3 Sunbathing, Snorkeling & Picnicking on a Secluded Island

Picnic on a Sandbank
Picnic on a Sandbank (Img credit: seefromthesky)

Wish to be alone with your partner on a paradisiacal island for 5 whole hours? For a little over a hundred dollars per head, you could make this wish come true! Escape from the city bustle of Malé – the world’s smallest capital, and find yourself on the white sands of a tropical island nearby. Book a 6-hour sandbank trip in Maldives, customized for your honeymoon.

On this tour, you and your significant other will be picked up from Malé City or the neighbouring public island of Hulhumalé and ferried to one of the southern islands. The speedboat ride will last about 40 minutes and you will be brought to a secluded sandbank. Cool off from the afternoon heat under a sun umbrella or sunbathe on the golden beach in the arms of your spouse.

The sun is just perfect to work that vacation tan on you – now, there’s no need to visit tanning parlours to flaunt a nicely bronzed body. You can also snorkel and explore the house reef which is home to countless columns of colourful corals. Apart from the coral blocks, there are plenty of tiny schooling fish, sponges, shoals and other sea creatures up on display.

Most Maldives vacation packages are inclusive of the snorkeling equipment, buoyancy aid and the fees of a snorkeling guide. If you or your partner have never snorkeled before, the guide will ease you into the waters and teach you how to breathe through the snorkel. For non-swimming couples, the personal floatation devices are quite handy to have fun in the waters without getting overwhelmed.

If you love to swim, there’s nothing quite like swimming in this part of the Indian Ocean – the waters are so clear, you can see the ocean floor! After your time in the lagoon, relish a delicious Maldivian lunch spread served on the sandbank. Your beachside couple picnic cannot get any better with the expansive views of the cerulean sky and the azure ocean meeting it on the horizon!

#4 Private Island Luxury Resort Hopping

Full Day Private Island Luxury Resort Hopping
Full Day Private Island Luxury Resort Hopping (Image credit: chelseacgates)

It is no secret that staying on a private island resort, especially on your honeymoon, will burn a hole in your pocket. Some of the best all-inclusive islands in The Maldives command nightly rates that spill well over a thousand dollars! Nevertheless, living it up will not remain just a dream for newly married lovebirds on a budget. There is a selection of Maldives full day tours to take you to a number of luxurious private island resorts for a taste of tropical extravagance.

Choose from various resort hopping tours which take you to opulent properties that are much in demand. Some of these sought-after resorts are Taj Exotica, Cinnamon Dhonveli and Olhuveli Beach and Spa. These Maldives tour packages are priced from as little as USD 75 and scale up to USD 1,500 per person for the full day tour. The higher priced tours are for the most premium properties with access to the pool, a lavish buffet lunch and complimentary bath towels and other frills thrown in.

The charges are much easier on the pocket than living on those Maldives water villas for a couple of nights. These resort hopping tours include a speedboat ride to your choice of private island and some time on their pristine beaches and the shallow reef in the surrounding waters. These trips offer a nice chance to snorkel and discover the marine life of different coral lagoons.

One of the best things about these resort trips is their all-you-can-eat buffet spreads. Relish the flavours of Maldivian seafood, Mexican entrees, Thai curries, Spanish tapas, Chinese dumplings, Italian starters, Indian spices, Japanese teppanyaki, French desserts, and more. You can also taste the fresh tropical fruits from the salad bar or order from the live counters.

You may ask for room tours to see the grand overwater villas and beach suites with private pools and Jacuzzi. Certain private island trips also let you enjoy activities from the resort’s own dive centre. Grab the opportunity to go surfing, canoeing or even stand-up paddle boating close to the shore.

#5 Fishing & Barbeque Tour

Fishing Tours in Maldives, Sunset Night Fishing Trips with Price
Fishing Tours in Maldives, Sunset Night Fishing Trips with Price (Image credit: colterolmstead)

For couples who also share a love for food, a culinary tour or private dining experience happens to be a delightful thing to do on the honeymoon. When in The Maldives, you have to taste their authentic seafood with a distinctive style of cooking. An even better way to enjoy Maldivian food is to begin with fishing.

Go on a personalized fishing tour, just for the two of you. Take a boat ride across the seas and learn to work the fishing lines from the local boatmen. Catch your dinner and return to your guest houses in The Maldives while the fish is being prepared with local spices.

The final step is to have it barbecued outdoors as you wait for the meal. Relish your catch with a choice of sauces and other garnish. If you choose to dine with a local family, you will also get a chance to chat with them about their food habits and Maldives’ history & culture in general.

#6 Romantic Massage in your Over Water Villa with a Pool

Romantic Massage in your Over Water Villa with a Pool
Romantic Massage in your Over Water Villa with a Pool

How can we miss talking about the number-1 honeymoon activity! Massages and spa therapies are integral to any romantic vacation. We will not deny that couple massages not only relax your nerves and remove any knots in your muscles, but also enhance your mood for the private time you’ll be spending together after the massage.

A sure-fire way to heat things up in the bedroom is to have the resort’s spa staff organize a special aromatic atmosphere in your very villa. You will have the therapists coming over with all of their essential oils, hot stone massage equipment, bathrobes and towels to bring the massage experience to you, instead of you having to visit the spa villa.

You can select from an array of options on the resort’s spa menu – from simple facials to elaborate full body massages that last over 90 minutes. After the massage, the therapists will leave, so you and your spouse can take a shower together. If you are staying in one of Maldives’ water villas with a pool, take a swim after the rejuvenating massage. Optionally, soak in your water villa’s private Jacuzzi before slipping into bed with your partner for life.

The list is just a glimpse of all the amazing things you can go in The Maldives for your honeymoon. You can also consider island hopping tours, diving, fun tube rides for couples, private glass-bottom boat rides and dining with a theme. Check here the complete list of activities and things to do in Maldives. Begin your romantic journey in The Maldives and cherish the memories all your life!