Romantic Activities & Things to do in the Maldives

Romantic Things to do in the Maldives

The Maldives is on every couple’s wishlist, and for good reason. Its sparkling seaside and shimmering white sands have a way of kindling love between a husband and a wife. If you too are thinking of vacationing in this archipelago with your partner, take some cues from this list of romantic things to do in the Maldives.

There are about 1,200 islands in The Maldives with only around 200 of them being inhabited. This island nation is largely made of private island resorts that exude luxury in all forms – from their exclusivity to chic décor to experimental cuisine to bespoke experiences.

When deciding on what activities to do in Maldives that are couple-friendly, remember to consider the interests and comfort levels of both the partners. While cruises, dinners and massages are common, there are many other exotic ways to ramp up the romance here.

#1 Borderless Dining at Dusit Thani

Candle Light Dinner at Dusit Thani Resort Maldives
Borderless Dining at Dusit Thani Resort Maldives (courtesy: dusit)

One of the top rated resorts in The Maldives, Dusit Thani offers a multisensory dining experience on special request. Book their ‘Borderless Dining’ package for the chance to spend the evening with your significant other by the Indian Ocean.

Your specially carved couch and dining table will be made of sand. In fact, you will sit on sunken seats in the soft sands itself, albeit with some upholstery and cushions thrown in. The mood will be set with some lanterns hanging from statement branches, tiny tent-style floor lamps and faux candle lighting at the table.

Choose your favorite dishes from their sumptuous menu and sip on some craft beverages to celebrate your love. You will find it fascinating that the dress code involves going barefoot.

#2 Couple Spa Treatments

Couple Spa Treatments in the Maldives
Couple Spa Treatments in the Maldives (courtesy: holysmithereens)

Most Maldives over water villas are set on private islands where the resorts have a dedicated spa. What can be more romantic than a couple massage with a view of the turquoise waters? Choose from facials and full-body treatments that both you and your spouse can take together.

To spice things up even further, you can go for a night spa experience offered by the Four Seasons Resort Maldives at Kuda Huraa. The starlit ritual is conducted at the rooftop spa which has double massage tables. After your massage, you can also soak in the circular bath on the open terrace.

The quickest session lasts for about 30 minutes, whereas the most indulgent treatments can last for over 150 minutes. If you are ready to splurge, your spa bill can even cross USD 1,000! The therapies will leave you fully relaxed and rejuvenated, though.

#3 Undersea Dates

Underwater Restaurant in the Maldives
Underwater Restaurant in the Maldives (courtesy: hurawalhi)

You must have heard of overwater bungalows in The Maldives. But have you heard of underwater restaurants? There are a few dining establishments splashed across the landscape of the country that allow you to have a meal in a setting that mimics an aquarium.

At Kihavah, you can strut into the world’s first underwater wine cellar as you reach the SEA restaurant which flaunts glass walls that give you uninterrupted views of turtles, sharks and other marine life.

Another option is M6M (Minus Six Meters) at Ozen Life Maadhoo, just a 45-minute speedboat ride away from Malé – the capital city of The Maldives. This super-specialty underwater restaurant is known for its seafood and wines that pair well with the menu.

For an intimate date setting, you may also consider the 5.8 Undersea Restaurant at Hurawalhi which has a barefoot dress code that only accommodates a maximum of 10 couples at a time, keeping it exclusive. You can select from a 5-course lunch, vegan meals and a 7-course dinner at this gastronomic paradise.

#4 Glamping in a Transparent Bubble

Glamping in a Transparent Bubble in Maldives
Glamping in a Transparent Bubble in Maldives (courtesy: coralglass)

You will be over the moon when you see this glamorous tent setup by Amilla Maldives. Unlike any other beach camping experience, you will be glamping under the stars in one of only 3 inflatable air-conditioned bubbles that are fully transparent.

You will have a 360-degree view of the sand and the sea in this luxury pod with access to indoor and outdoor showers, a sauna, a bathroom, a plunge pool and a steam room. Charges for booking this experience begin at USD 450 plus taxes and cross USD 1,100, depending on the services you choose.

Call for canapés and champagne or a bottle of wine; treat yourself and your spouse to a foot reflexology treatment or a full body massage; relish a barbecue dinner under the twinkling stars; enjoy a yoga session during sunrise and be served your breakfast on the beach by your private chef.

#5 Floating Breakfast

Water Villas @ LUX* North Male Atoll Resort
Floating Breakfast – Water Villas @ LUX* North Male Atoll Resort (Image credit:

Possible only if you have booked one of Maldives’ beach villas with a pool, floating breakfasts are a refreshing way to infuse romance into your mornings. Wake up to a wicker basket floating in your private pool and tuck into fresh fruit, yoghurt and granola bowls, assorted breads with cheeses, jams and honey and some juice or tea or coffee.

The best part is, you get to have breakfast in water as you swim with your partner or just soak in there in your swimsuit. These floating breakfasts need to be booked on special request or as part of a package. Separately, they typically cost upwards of USD 70 per couple.

#6 Private Movie Screening on the Beach

Open-Air Movie Screenings at Soneva Jani Resort
Open-Air Movie Screenings at Soneva Jani Resort (Image credit:

Movie nights in The Maldives can be utterly romantic when you are watching your favourite flick with your loved one under the open sky. Cinema experiences at private island resorts come in various forms.

While some set up the screen on the powdery white sands, some have a tropical jungle backdrop. Soneva Jani even offers an over water movie experience through Cinema Paradiso, where the seating is overwater net hammocks with cushions.

While the seating is mostly composed of sunbeds, bean bags, day beds, garden chairs, couches, loungers and cushions, some resorts create a sunken seat in the sand to make things more special.

During such outdoor screenings, the audio is usually transmitted via Bluetooth in your wireless headphones, so as to maintain the tranquil atmosphere of the island. Along with the film, you can munch on popcorn, canapés or even have a gourmet dinner along with wine, champagne or cocktails.

#7 Underwater Stay at the Muraka

Underwater Stay at the Muraka, Maldives
Underwater Stay at the Muraka, Maldives (courtesy: harpersbazaar)

Much more luxurious than Maldives’ water bungalows with pool, a night in an underwater villa is absolutely out of this world! Available only with Conrad Maldives on Rangali Island, the Muraka is a two-level residence that exists both overwater and underwater.

A night here costs over USD 10,000, but for that steep price, you get to sleep in a 180-degree curved master bedroom that is submerged in the Indian Ocean. Made of an acrylic dome, this aquarium-style bedroom will give you a surreal view of tropical fish and other sea creatures.

You will also have access to a tunnel viewing theatre which is also fully transparent. In fact, even your walk-in closet and bathroom located 16 feet below the sea level will have floor-to-ceiling windows.

The split-level ultra-luxurious residence comes with a private butler and other amenities on the upper level. Dip into the infinity pool on your outdoor deck or soak in the tub that faces the ocean.

#8 Renewal of the Marriage Vows

Renewal of the Marriage Vows in Maldives
Renewal of the Marriage Vows in Maldives (courtesy: rayyumaldives)

For couples celebrating their anniversary in The Maldives, a great way to relive the day of your wedding is to recreate it. Work with the in-house event planners and design the flow of the ceremony.

You will be able to renew your vows on a private sandbank or an overwater deck and even have a member of the staff officiate your wedding. Some resorts also have wedding crews that perform the traditional Maldivian bodu-beru dance, replete with music, singing and drums.

You will have the option to capture these moments of a lifetime through the services of a professional photographer as well. The beach wedding décor often includes an arch made of palm fronds or ribbons with the ocean in full view.

‘Renewal of vows’ packages often include beauty treatments and the service of a beautician to do the hair and makeup of the bride. Sashes, tiaras and corsages are sometimes provided as well.

#9 Sunset Cruise

Sunset Dolphin Cruise in Maldives w/ Price & Itinerary
Sunset Dolphin Cruise in Maldives w/ Price & Itinerary (courtesy: datingscout)

Often available as Maldives day tours, cruises will give you and your soulmate a chance to explore the high seas together. While cruises operate throughout the day, the golden hour is the perfect time to go sailing.

Watch the sky turn various shades of yellow, orange, pink, red, purple, blue and black as the sun disappears into the ocean. You can book liveaboard or dhonis – traditional Maldivian wooden boats for the evening.

Sip on a drink on the deck or wait for a pod of dolphins to appear in your view, especially if you have booked a dolphin cruise. Apart from these cetaceans, you can also book cruises to watch whales in Maldives.

Sunset dolphin cruises are ideal for proposing to your partner. Plan a surprise with the staff to have champagne, cake and some music to make the atmosphere romantic enough for you to ask for your lady’s hand in marriage.

#10 Picnic on a Private Sandbank

Overnight Sandbank Camping by Soneva Fushi Maldives
Overnight Sandbank Camping by Soneva Fushi Maldives (Image credit:

Unlike Maldives sandbank tours that give you the option to hop from one secluded sandbank to another, usually with a group of other travelers, private picnics let you have your own time with your spouse.

Arrive at a virgin islet or an idyllic sandbank and slop on your lounging chairs under a canopy while eating out of a picnic basket. Watch the waves wash up on the beach as you slice through the day’s catch or wait for your barbecued delicacy to be roasted to perfection.

Towels are often provided by the resort, so you can even take a dip in the waters of the lagoon or snorkel if you are carrying your mask with you. Sandbank picnics should not be confused with candlelight dinners on the beach which are organized after sunset and often have heart-shaped enclosures drawn around your table on the sand.

#11 Camping Overnight by the Sea

Picnic on a Private Sandbank for Couple in Maldives
Picnic on a Private Sandbank for Couple in Maldives (courtesy: asad)

There are various ways to enjoy a romantic camping experience in The Maldives. While Fushifaru offers a starlit glamping package which includes sleeping in a four-poster bed with muslin drapes and a canopy, Soneva Fushi throws in a Bedouin-style tent with glowing lamps on your castaway islet.

No matter the style of the camp, when you book with a luxury resort, you are guaranteed high-quality service and personal attention. Watch your dinners and breakfasts served by a private butler and sleep on a comfortable bed with the sounds of the waves softly splashing on the shore.

#12 Double Kayaking

Double Kayaking in the Maldives
Double Kayaking in the Maldives (courtesy: adamlisan)

Best suited for couples who are active and outdoorsy, kayaking on a double kayak will not only add an element of fun to your romance but also give you some workout to help digest all the lavish buffet spreads throughout your vacation.

Kayaking in the shallow waters of The Maldives is quite safe as the sea is generally calm, especially around the dive clubs. The area where you can row your kayak is also demarcated by buoys, so you don’t run into large waves or get in the way of speedboats, yachts and other water vehicles.

Remember not to go kayaking immediately after a meal. In fact it is best to do this water sport activity just before lunch as you will be able to regain your energy through gorging after you tire your muscles with all the rowing.

#13 Soaking in a Reserved Jacuzzi

Soaking in a Reserved Jacuzzi in Maldives
Soaking in a Reserved Jacuzzi in Maldives (courtesy: andreapiacquadio)

If you cannot splurge on Maldives’ beach villas with pool and Jacuzzi, you will be relieved to know that you can reserve some private Jacuzzi time at some resorts. Cuddle with your spouse in the warm, bubbling waters of the canopied Jacuzzi tub in an intimate garden setting until your tiredness is washed away.

It is hard to run out of romantic things to do in The Maldives, especially when you plan your getaway with Samudra Maldives. Whether it’s a proposal, your honeymoon, anniversary or baby-moon, this destination will give you infinite reasons to fall in love with your partner over and over again.