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Windsurfing in Maldives

Windsurfing in Maldives (Cost, Season, Conditions, Packages, School & Resorts)

Maldives is one of the most popular tourist destination for water sports in the world. The island offers amazing holidaying options to each and every one.

Natural settings comprising of shimmering white beaches surrounded by turquoise lagoons and green palm trees create as setting that is serene and refreshing presenting you with a perfect break from the city life and its hustle bustle.

Along with all these, mesmerizing coral gardens and exceptionally rich and exotic marine creatures add on to the charm of Maldivian Island. The island is suitable for all kinds of vacation, be it honeymoon or family tour or an adventure holiday or a business trip.

Windsurfing in Maldives (Cost, Season, Conditions, Packages, School & Resorts)

Along with a soothing environment and a marine life that is consisted of almost 70 different species of colorful coral reefs and more than 700 species of fishes and other aqua marine creatures, the island offers thrill and adventure too.

There are many water sports and excursions providing you with the excitement in your otherwise calm and relaxed Maldives vacation. One of the most popular water sports among the tourists is Windsurfing. One of the most exciting of all, the sport offers you with thrill as well as a refreshing experience.

Maldives Environmental Conditions

The environmental conditions in Maldives are excellent for the sport of windsurfing. Along with rich marine life and high visibility of the water, the temperature of the water is also moderate making it perfect to go for windsurfing.

The temperature of water, on an average is 25°C (77°F). The conditions in Maldives are safe for this sport. The island has large turquoise lagoons with waist deep water and soft sandy bottoms along with a protective barrier that is provided by the house reef.

Conditions especially help beginners or someone trying the sport for the first time.

In windsurfing, the windsurfer is required to balance on a longboard that is wider than a typical surfboard and hold onto a triangular sail at the same time.

Best Season for Windsurfing

You will find some of the best surf breaks in North and South Male’ Atoll. The best season for windsurfing in Maldives is the South-west Monsoon which is from the month of April to October. The biggest swells can be seen from the month of June to September. The surf breaks generally ranges in size from 3 – 8 feet.

Along with favorable natural conditions, the island offers excellent facilities and equipment making the sport of windsurfing more enjoyable. Most of the resorts and hotels on the island offer required equipment such as boards and sails for hiring that vary as per the skill levels to their guests.

In some of the resort, tourists are also offered with windsurfing lessons. The instructors appointed by the resort ensure your safety and provide you with all the required information about the sport and conditions in Maldives.

The sport came to Maldives in the late 70s. It was introduced by Tony Hinde, an Australian surfer who was highly impressed by the surf break on the island the favorable environment for the same. The sport of windsurfing is equally popular now.