Maldives Tour Packages (best all-inclusive)

Maldives Tour Packages (best all-inclusive)

Maldives, a place nothing less than paradise on Earth promises an amazing vacation. Known as the tropical paradise, it is a land of wonderful surprises. Discover the best of these coral islands with our all-inclusive Maldives tour packages from Samudra Maldives.

Maldives are a group of small beautiful islands located amidst the Indian ocean with a pleasant tropical climate and breathtaking natural beauty. The soothing environment and beautiful natural setting provides you with a refreshing break that you will cherish all your life for sure.

Maldives, a cluster of more than 2000 islands that are further grouped in almost 26 atolls. Of these islands, only 200 are available for humans. Maldives offer options for every type of traveller; travellers of different age groups with different budgets and from different parts of the world.

Spread about these clusters of islands are privately owned ones which house one premium resort per island. Water villas in Maldives are a feature of every luxury property that is in the tourism business in this nation.

Maldives Tour Packages by Duration

From two-three days tour packages to one day excursions, from a luxurious stay and tour to a budget trip, you can get information on any of these from us.

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Maldivian Islands have pleasant climate throughout the year making it perfect touring destination at any time of the year. For your convenience and help you plan your trip properly, we have created a detailed guide titled Best time of the year to visit Maldives, check it right away..

Maldives Tour Packages by Theme

From a romantic trip to a family vacation to an adventure trip, Maldives will provide you with the best way to spend your days. The purpose of your trip might differ and with varied purposes, you need varied packages to take care of your requirements.

Samudra Maldives presents you with a wide-range of customized all-inclusive Maldives tour packages. You can choose one that best suits your idea of vacation by carefully looking into each and every detail of the package with the help of our travel advisors.

If you are on your honeymoon trip, Maldives has exceptionally romantic setting to welcome you with. Pristine beaches with turquoise lagoons around them along with greenness of palm trees create an environment that is not just refreshing but soothing as well.

Sunset and sunrises in Maldives are exceptionally romantic and worth watching. In fact even a simple activity like walking by the sea side under the moonlit sky and with cool sea breeze caressing you can make up for a romantic moment for honeymooners. Checkout our Maldives honeymoon packages for more details; you can discover love in the solitude of the palm fringed beaches in Maldives.

The island is perfect for saying those two magical words – ‘I Do‘. Beach weddings and underwater weddings in Maldives are quite popular amongst couples all over the world. The amazing natural beauty and serenity of the place made it an ideal place for a wedding. Samudra Maldives has come up with the best Maldives wedding packages.

We provide the best service to make the special day in your life, your wedding day the most memorable one. We do all the arrangements in the perfect way to transform your dream into reality.

If you are travelling with family and children, you will find ample of activities options to get involved in. Especially for kids, many hotels and resorts in Maldives welcome you with a children activity centre, children swimming pool as well as baby sitting services. Check our Maldives family packages for details.

Finally those who are traveling with friends or are looking for adventure and excitement, Maldives offer you too with excellent options. There are many sports that are exciting as well as add some trill to your Maldives vacation.

With some of the best diving sites in the world, holidaying in Maldives will definitely include diving and snorkeling along with other water sports. Water skiing, deep sea fishing, sailing trips, canoeing, catamaran sailing, beach volleyball and boating are few of the other sports that you might want to get involved in.

There are packages catering to all these and much more. Our Maldives tour packages cater to all these and much more; letting you to choose the one that suits you the best.

Simply make an enquiry and Samudra Maldives will guide you in each and every aspect and present you with the Maldives tour packages that fits your bill as well your requirements and needs.