Water Sports in Maldives (Cost, Season, Conditions, Packages, School & Resorts)

A cluster of more than two thousand small low lying coral island on the Indian Ocean, Maldives presents its guests with amazing holidaying options.

From a romantic setting for honeymoon or beach wedding to relaxed and soothing atmosphere for a family tour to exciting options for adventure holidays, Maldivian Island has something to offer each and every one.

The natural settings of the island, comprising of snowy white beaches with turquoise lagoons around them and lush palm trees create a soothing picture. Breathtaking coral gardens beneath the Indian Ocean makes the island even more beautiful.

Not just these, the island promises to keep you entertained throughout your trip along with providing a relaxed setting. You have umpteen numbers of water sports to get engaged in.

Maldives offers its guests with varied options for water sports and a suitable environment and facilities for the same. The temperature of the water is mostly moderate making it easier for tourists to try water sports.

For instance, the water temperature is usually 24°C (75°F) in February and July to 27°C (81°F) in April, May and September. You also have high visibility letting you to have a clear view of the mesmerizing marine life.

The visibility of the water is up to 15 – 40 meters (50 – 130 feet). Along with these, there are almost 70 different species of colorful coral reefs and more than 700 species of fishes and other aqua creatures found in the Ocean.

Napoleon wrasse, parrotfish, snappers, barracudas, jacks, sweetlips, hammerheads, grey reef sharks, white tip reef sharks, eagle rays, manta rays, turtles, frogfish, triggerfish, surgeonfish and trevallies are some of the exotic creature that you can spot during these sports.

Along with all these, most of the resort and hotels on the island have sports centers offering facilities for all the sports.

Some of the common water sports available in Maldives are water skiing, wake boarding, knee boarding, banana riding, catamaran rides, speed boating, fun tubes, mono skiing, kite surfing, glass bottom boat and jet skiing.

Snorkeling and scuba are two of the most popular sports among the tourists. The island has amazing dive sites such as Lion’s Head, Kudu Haa, Girifushi Thila, Middle Point, Nassimo Thila, Okobe Thila, Sunlight Thila, Maldives Victory and Banana Reef for these sports.

Simple sports like fishing are also worth trying here. You have varied options to choose from such as morning fishing or big game fishing and night fishing. During these, you can catch fish like Sailfish, swordfish, marlin, wahoo, barracuda, yellow fin tuna, etc.

You can also go for sports like surfing. Vast lagoons with waist deep water for hundreds of meters along with sandy bottoms and the protective barrier of the house reef offer perfect conditions for surfing.

Some of the best surfs breaks can be found in North and South Male’ Atoll and the average size of reef breakers are 4-5 feet. However, it rises up to 8-10 feet during the surf monsoon. Going for sports like parasailing or catamaran sailing can be interesting and enjoyable.


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