Weather in Maldives in April

Weather in Maldives in April

April is a nice time to blow off some steam with a long vacation on an exotic island. The weather in Maldives in April will give you enough reasons to make this country your holiday destination.

What Temperatures to Expect in The Maldives in April?

What Temperatures to Expect in The Maldives in April?
What Temperatures to Expect in The Maldives in April (courtesy: nikolatasic)

Pick one of the upscale resorts in The Maldives and laze in the sun all day on your private deck that looks out to the beach. April sits at the cusp of the dry season and the wet season, so this is the very last month of the dry season when you can take advantage of the relatively low occurrence of rains.

Across the islands in The Maldives, in the month of April, the lowest temperature you can expect is 27 degrees Celsius or 81 degrees Fahrenheit. On the other hand, the highest temperature goes up to 31 degrees Celsius or 88 degrees Fahrenheit. On an average, you will see the mercury reading 29 degrees Celsius or 84 degrees Fahrenheit.

Daytime and night-time temperatures are almost the same, providing little relief from the dry heat. The average daytime temperature in The Maldives in April is 29.8 degrees Celsius or 86 degrees Fahrenheit, while the average night-time temperature is 29.4 degrees Celsius or 85 degrees Fahrenheit.

Even though it is hot in April, the humidity is slightly higher than the other dry months. This means, you will perspire at times and if there is any wind, the evaporation process will make things a tad bit cooler.

The average temperature of the sea is 30 degrees Celsius or 80 degrees Fahrenheit. This makes it very comfortable to jump in the waters of the Indian Ocean. The sun shines for an average of about 9 hours per day which is sufficient for a wide variety of activities to do in Maldives. The daylight hours are still more, at 12.

The scorching sun should not bother you much in any case as Maldives’ water villas are all fully air-conditioned. It is only when you step out on a cruise, to snorkel or hop across islands that you will need to care for your skin and hair. Remember to carry cosmetics with UV protection in them to protect you from sunburns. Also, a bottle of water will evade the chances of a heat stroke.

Does it Rain in The Maldives in April?

Does it Rain in The Maldives in April?
Does it Rain in The Maldives in April? (courtesy: marcoxu)

Maldives’ weather begins to change in April. The wet season actually begins in May but you can see the signs of the oncoming of the rainy half of the year in April itself. It rains for an average of 10 days this month and the recorded precipitation turns out to be 132 mm on an average.

Despite the subtle beginning of rains in the northern atolls, the southern atolls offer the opposite climate. It is very humid throughout, but since this part of The Maldives is in the southern hemisphere, you will find marked differences in the weather pattern as compared to those in the atolls that lie in the northern hemisphere, across the Equator.

Maldives Underwater Festival falls this month. This is a period when snorkelling and scuba diving are heavily promoted across the Asian archipelago. If you will be staying around for long, consider signing up for a PADI certification for open water diving.

In fact, you might even get a chance to learn from some of the best diving instructors from other parts of the world during this festival. If you have your own diving gear, that is well and good. However, if you are a novice, there is no need to worry. You can rent bodysuits, masks, flippers, snorkels and oxygen tanks from any dive club.

For snorkelling, you will never run out of places as almost every private island resort has its own house reef with plenty of colourful corals and pelagic fishes to excite you. Even if you are not a swimmer, the seascape and landscape of The Maldives is great for just watching from your porch with a cocktail in hand and some fritters on the table.

The hot weather in Maldives in April may seem a bit intimidating but the endless seas, the sparkling sands and the island vibes will make your holiday worth it. Reach out to Samudra Maldives and design a tour to an island of your choice, with all the thrills and frills to keep you entertained.