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Magical Set of Maldives Islands

Maldives, magical sets of islands, stand beautifully amidst the monotonous looking ocean water. It has been rightly called as the “flower of the Indies” by Marco Polo. Varied shades of blue coloured water, white shining beaches, clear wide sky and greenness of palm tree, Maldives Islands are nothing less than a painter’s attractive work.

The number of Maldivian islands which exceeds 2000 adds on to the uniqueness of this place which is worth visiting. Out of 2000, almost 200 islands are available for human delight. 100 of these islands are exclusively present to tourists and have been made into beautiful resort islands.

Each of these low-lying Maldivian Islands, the highest point being just 8 feet above the sea level, has calmness and serenity to offer you. The tempting list of Maldives Islands might make you wonder which one to visit first and with which one to end your enthralling tour.

Best Islands in Maldives

Best Islands in Maldives
Best Islands in Maldives


Maldives is a unique country with less land and more water. Maldives is in the equatorial belt and therefore severe storms and cyclones are extremely rare events here. Maldives has less than one percent land and 99 % sea.

In a place like this weather has a significant role in day to day life. Maldives has a warm tropical climate resulting in relatively minor variations in daily temperature throughout the year. The hottest month is April and the coolest, December. The weather in Maldives is determined largely by the monsoons.

There is a significant variation in the monthly rainfall levels. There are two kinds of monsoons in the country. They are the iruvai northeast monsoon and hulhangu south west monsoon.

The southwest monsoon or hulhangu from May to September is the wet season. Rough seas and strong winds are common during this period. The northeast monsoon or iruvai falls between December to April. This is a period of clear skies, lower humidity and very little rain.

February is the driest month, January to April being relatively dry, May and October with the highest average monthly rainfall. Cyclones formed in the Bay of Bengal or Arabian sea affect the climate in Islands of Maldives.

Thus, it is always advisable to decide your trip well in advance. Samudra Maldives is always there to help you throughout the tour.

The Maldives Islands are naturally designed against probable dangers from the ocean with a surrounding shallow ring-like lagoon, enclosed by coral reef. Thus making your visit safer and leaving you without any worries.

Maldivian Islands presents you with options varying from water sports to relaxing at the beach. Fishing, especially night fishing is one of the activities you might want to try at least once. Many excursions are available for you to choose.

Visit to fishing villages, aerial excursions and sailing safaris are few of the varied options available. You can choose these activities based on your preferences and budgets. Samudra Maldives will assist you in your decision making by providing you with all the important details before and during your trip.

You can also opt for cruising. With Maldives comprising almost 26 atolls, group of islands with a reef that almost encircles a ring-like lagoon, cruising is one of the most exciting and recommended activities. Cruising from one atoll to another is worth taking. The experience is worth cherishing in itself with the sight of dolphins playing near your cruise or boat and flying fish passing by.

However, if you want to take a break from the seclusion and want to feel the life at Maldivian Islands, a visit to Male, capital of Maldives, can be a good idea. A small island with more than 150,000 residents gives you the glimpses of the simple, non-glamorous life of the island. Closely looking at Maldives people and their living patterns will let you experience Maldives in real terms.

Each island is gleaming with something exceptional. On one side, Hithadhoo Island will take you to its narrow lanes and flourishing vegetation. While on the other, Thinadhoo Island attracts you with its pleasant weather.

Mesmerising natural settings, refreshing and soothing environment, secluded space make Maldivian Islands suitable for all kinds of vacation, be it honeymoon or family trip or an adventure tour.

The availability of umpteen numbers of water sports and excursions to entertain you makes Maldives vacation all the more special. Some of the most famous sports amongst tourists are water skiing, snorkelling, scuba diving, parasailing, surfing, dolphin and whale watching, etc.

Even the life under the water is breathtaking with mesmerising coral gardens and exotic flora and fauna constituting almost 70 different species of colourful coral reefs and more than 700 species of fishes and other aqua marine creatures.

Maldivian Islands offer excellent environmental conditions and facilities for all kinds of water sports. For instance, the high visibility and crystal clear water present you with a clear view. The visibility of the water is up to 15 – 40 metres (50 – 130 feet).

The water around Maldivian Islands is not very cold or hot and is of moderate temperature. The temperature of water is usually 24°C (75°F) in February and July to 27°C (81°F) in April, May and September.  The rich flora and fauna beneath the Indian Ocean add on to the charm of the water sports, especially games like fishing.

If you are looking for some glimpses of culture and tradition, Kulhudhuffushi Islands welcomes you with some of popular folk dances. Maldives Islands are indeed an exceptional group of islands. For more information on these islands you can visit Samudra Maldives that will help you in planning an easy tour.