Where is Maldives? (Maldives Location on World Map, Distance from India & Sri Lanka)

Where is Maldives Located? Maldives Islands Location on World Map

Maldives is smallest Asian country in terms of area as well as population. Maldives, a paradise on Earth is located south-west of Sri Lanka and India in the Indian Ocean.

It is a cluster of almost 1,192 small coral islands that are further grouped across 26 naturally formed atolls.

Maldivian Islands are spread across an area of over 90,000 square kilometers and comprises of over 200 inhabited islands.

Out of these 200 islands, almost 90 islands are available as tourist resorts with the rest of the islands being either used for agricultural and other livelihood purposes or simply left uninhabited.

These islands are lowlands with none of them rising 6′ above sea level. The atolls comprising all these islands are created upon a sharp ridge rising from the Indian Ocean, leading to the uniqueness they display.

Maldives Location on World Map, Distance from India & Sri Lanka

Maldives Map, Location of Maldives on World Map beside India & Srilanka

The geographic coordinates of Maldives is 3°15′N 73°00′E. The pristine beaches along with turquoise lagoons and coral reefs make the island one of the most sought out vacation spot.

Breathtaking scenic beauty of the Maldivian Islands and refreshing surrounding with green palm trees on white sandy beaches and vast Indian Ocean with its crystal clear water invites tourists from all age group and interests promising a vacation full of relaxation as well as exciting water sports options.

So if you are a thinking of taking a respite from day to day worries and tensions, Maldives present a soothing environment, calming atmosphere to relax and rejuvenate yourself and welcomes you for a special vacation.

Situated on the Indian Ocean, Maldives lies on the west of Sri Lankan subcontinent extending up to 823 kilometers. Maldives is situated close to the equator leading to warm climate throughout the year.

The presence of warm sunshine all over the year makes it suitable for vacationing in Maldives at any time based on your preferences and choices.

The island is located in the north of equator and lies between the latitudes of 4 degree- 17 North and longitudes 73 degree- 50 East. Maldives has a total coastline of 644 km with northernmost atoll is situated around 110 km south of India’s Mini coy Atoll, 480 km south east of India’s Cape Comorin and 649 km west of Sri Lanka.

Malé – The capital of Maldives

Male, the capital of Maldives is situated on the largest island in the Male Atoll, measuring nearly 2.5 square kilometers. It can be said that the size of the Maldivian islands is slightly more than 1.5 times the size of Washington, D.C.

Maldivian islands captures tourists attention with their mesmerizing natural setting providing a break from the buildings and hustle bustle of usual lifestyles. Not just these even the journey to the island of your choice is quite an experience.

The aerial views of the Maldivian Islands as you travel from international airport to the selected resort island or the scenic beauty that is created by the never ending water of the Ocean and greenness of the islands are worth capturing and welcome its guests in the best way possible.

Where is Maldives? Maldives Location

Maldivian Islands with their shimmering white beaches that are surrounded by turquoise lagoons and coral reefs present a perfect setting for spending few memorable days of your life. From a romantic vacation for honeymoon or beach wedding to a fun filled trip with family and friends, Maldives will not leave you disappointed in any case.

The vast Indian Ocean with clear blue sky and cool sea breeze caressing you, the islands will pamper you in more than just one way. Along with the obvious romantic natural setting, the place has interesting options to make your trip exciting and adventurous

No matter with whom you are traveling or what is the purpose of your visit, Maldives will pamper you in the best way possible. However, it is always important to be aware of the place you’re visiting.

From its culture, tradition, lifestyle of its inhabitants, weather conditions to its location – all the detailed and updated information will be provided by Samudra Maldives, you can plan your holidays in a better way.

You can know more about Maldives Atolls, Islands & Beaches by submitting the contact us form and we shall provide you with all the necessary details on its location and other aspects that can be important for before you plan your Maldives trip.

FAQ about Maldives Location

Maldives Location FAQ
Maldives Location FAQ (courtesy: masroor-ahmed)
Which is the nearest country to Maldives?

India and Srilanka are the closest countries to Maldives. Distance from Kochi (India) to Male is 709 km | 441 miles | 1h 45m by flight. Distance from Colombo (Sri Lanka) to Male (Maldives) is 766 km | 477 miles | 1h 25m by flight.

How far is it from Colombo (Sri Lanka) to Male (Maldives)?

The distance between Maldives and Srilanka is 766 km / 477 miles. It would normally take 1h 25m for a direct flight from Colombo (CMB), Sri Lanka to Male (MLE), Maldives. Srilankan Airways and Emirates have direct flights from Colombo to Male.

How far is it from Kochi (India) to Male (Maldives)?

If you are travelling by air, the shortest flight distance would be from Kochi (India) to Male (Maldives), which is 709 km / 441 miles and takes about 1h 45m. However the shortest distance is from Kanyakumari to Male, which is 623 km / 387 miles.

Where is Maldives located in which country?

The republic of Maldives is an independent country, spread across an area of over 90,000 square kilometres with a cluster of close to 1,190 coral islands formed in 26 naturally formed ring-like atolls. Male is the capital of Maldives.

Is the Maldives in India or part of Sri Lanka?

Maldives is an independent island country and not part of India or Sri Lanka. The islands of Maldives are so tiny, due to which they are not visible on most world map’s. Maldives is located at the north-central Indian Ocean and to the south of India’s Lakshadweep Islands.