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Male’ – The Capital City of the Maldives [World’s Smallest Capital]

Malé, the capital city of Maldives itself is a wonder with its artificial beach, historic sites, skyscrapers and paved roads. Malé is one of the smallest capital city in the world. One third of the country’s population resides here.

This clean green and pleasant city has no natural beach, instead it is encircled by seawalls. The main streets of Malé are lined with shops and offices. The residential areas in Malé shadowed with trees is a pleasant sight.

With passing years Malé has grown into a modern city with all the facilities like schools, hospitals, restaurants, shopping centers, resorts, hotels and transport facilities. Malé is a famous tourist destination in the country. Samudra Maldives make your journey to this beautiful island an unforgettable experience.

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Places to Visit in Malé

There are many popular places in Malé which worth a watch. The Hukuru Miskiiy (Friday Mosque) built in 1656 by Sultan Ibrahim Iskandhar is an edifice of impeccable coral carving and traditional workmanship. The inner sanctums have lamp hangings of wood and panels intricately curved with Arabic writings is one of the popular attractions in Malé.

The Islamic Centro which was built in 1984 with a majestic golden dome that is visible from all sides of the capital is the most impressive architectural edifice of Malé.

The sultan park and national museum that are housed in the same compound offers a wonderful experience in this small beautiful city. The artificial beach and the swimming track is a refreshing and unique experience offered by Malé.

One of the interesting aspect of Malé is the names of houses. There are some unusual and unique names varying from names which pay tribute to the culture of island to some funny names like ‘Always Be Happy’ house and ‘Forget Me Not’ house.

Malé also is famous for shopping. Garments, watches, perfumes, cosmetics, Jewellery, Canned fish , souvenirs like ‘thudu kuna’ , Maldivian mat woven with local natural fibers and the wooden miniature dhonis are some of the items you can buy from here.

The northern end of Chaandhanee Magu is the best place for souvenir shopping. Malé fish market is the best place to buy fish products. Exporting of products made of tortoiseshell, black coral, pearl oyster shell and red coral is prohibited in Malé.

Malé has several restaurants, hotels and inns offering various traditional, Thai, Italian, Indian and other international delicacies. The local version of fast-food are served Sai-Hotaas (tea shops). A variety of sweet and savory finger-food, mostly fish and coconut based, and local bread ‘roshi’ are available here.

Staying in Malé is a pleasant experience with so many hotels, tourist lodges and inns are available in Malé. See here list of accommodation options at Malé.

Reaching Malé is not a problem anymore. Major international airlines operate services connecting Maldives to other important cities of the world. Although the airport island is separated from Malé’ by the ocean there are so many ferries for transportation to Malé from the airport. Maldives Airport, also known as Velana International Airport, presents a suitable start to Maldives.

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