Maldives Full Day Tours (w/ Price & Itinerary)

Maldives Full Day Tours & Excursions (w/ Price & Itinerary)

The Maldivian archipelago is one of the most fascinating countries in the Indian Ocean. Comprising 200 inhabited islands and about a thousand other isles, this tropical nation is a stunning choice for honeymooning and family holidays alike. Maldives Islands presents you with the many full day tour options. From snorkelling  to private sandbank tours, Maldives full day tours impress you with its wide and diverse range. Clean sands, crisp air and azure lagoons await you everywhere you go in The Maldives.

Maldivian vacations are largely spent luxuriating in opulent resorts, but you can get a glimpse of the natural beauty of Maldives when you set a day aside specifically for this. Take a look at some full day tours that let you see coral reefs underwater, sample local cuisine on a sandbank, indulge in various water sports, and lots more.

#1 Full Day Male City Walking Tour

#2 Full Day Maldives Sandbank Tour

#3 Full Day South Malé Local Island Hopping Trip

#4 Full Day North Malé Local Island Hopping Trip

When in Maldives, do not miss snorkeling. The crystal clear waters of the relatively shallow lagoons are just perfect for this. If you have never snorkeled before, book a full day snorkeling trip with the experts to do this in a safe and fun atmosphere. Snorkeling is also doable for those who cannot swim, even though you get an edge if you are a swimmer.

The 3-Point Snorkeling Package includes a speedboat ride to various diving sites in The Maldives where the concentration of corals, reef fish and other pelagic fauna is high. The boat is docked at the diving point and all the participants are asked to jump off and into the water one by one.

Your snorkeling instructor doubles up as an underwater photographer to take amazing shots of you posing with clown fish, manta rays and turtles. One of the diving spots is dedicated to turtle watching. It is advisable not to touch the turtles as they bite when troubled, but you can safely swim alongside these reptiles.

The full day snorkeling tour in The Maldives includes a halt on a deserted sandbank where pre-packed Maldivian lunch is served to you. You can laze on the beach and enjoy an hour there before you get back on the boat for your next dive.

#5 Boating Excursion with Dolphin Watching, Fishing & Barbeque

Fishing in Maldives Header
Full Day Boating Excursion with Dolphin Watching, Fishing & Barbeque

Get off the private island and extend your Maldivian vacation to the waters with a full day boating excursion. Depending on your budget, you can go on a small speed boat with other participants or hire a personal yacht for a special time with your loved ones.

Over the course of the boating trip, you will be taken through sea routes which intersect with the paths followed by various types of dolphins. Keep your eyes peeled for the bottlenose dolphins and spinner dolphins, which are the easiest to sight from about 20 species which are found in The Maldives.

These friendly mammals travel in pods, and it is quite delightful to see them leap in a coordinated fashion as they jump out of the water surface to catch their breath. If you get close enough, you will also be able to hear them communicate with their squeals.

The full day excursion also exposes you to the art of angling. Fishing, as assumed by many, is not an activity that can be accomplished very quickly. One needs patience and some skill to make a catch. Learn from your local instructor how to use the traditional Maldivian style of pole and line to catch some seawater fish such as grouper, snapper or jack. 

The most interesting and rewarding part of this one day tour is the opportunity to cook and eat your catch of the day! When it is time for sunset, you will be taken to a sandbank for the ultimate beach barbeque experience. Along with the fish you have caught, you will be served other delectable seafood and grilled vegetables to end the evening on a high note under a starlight night sky.

#6 Private Island Luxury Resort Hopping

Full Day Private Island Luxury Resort Hopping
Full Day Private Island Luxury Resort Hopping (Image credit: chelseacgates)

It is no secret that staying on a private island resort will burn a hole in your pocket. Some of the most premium 5-star resorts can cost over a thousand dollars a night! However, tasting the sweet life of luxury should not remain just a dream for the budget traveller. With a full day tour of various opulent private island resorts, you can get a first-hand experience of tropical extravagance.

Choose from a number of resort hopping tours which take you to sought-after properties such as Cinnamon Dhonveli, Olhuveli Beach and Spa, Taj Exotica, etc. The packages are priced from USD 75 to USD 350 per person for the full day tour, depending on the services and the resort you choose.

The rate works out to be more economical than actually living on those islands for a couple of days or more. Your package includes a speedboat ride to your private island of choice, and access to the resort’s public swimming pool and changing rooms. You also get time on their pristine beaches and the shallow reef in the surrounding lagoon. This is ideal if you wish to snorkel and discover the house reef of some of these gorgeous private island resorts in Maldives.

Most of the resort hopping tours include a lavish all-you-can-eat lunch buffet. Relish the flavours of Maldivian seafood, Thai curries, Chinese dumplings, Indian spices, Japanese teppanyaki, Italian starters, Spanish tapas, Mexican entrees, French desserts, and more. You will also be able to order preparations of your choice from the live counters and taste the fresh tropical fruits from the salad bar.

Certain private island trips also let you enjoy activities from the resort’s own dive centre. Grab your chance to go canoeing, stand-up paddle boating, or even surfing close to the shore. You may ask for room tours if you’re curious to see how grand their overwater villas or beach suites are. Perhaps, a glance into the plush interiors and the sprawling sundecks will make you want to book your next vacation there?

#7 Full Day Whale Shark Tour

Full Day Whale Shark Tour in Maldives
Full Day Whale Shark Tour in Maldives (Image credit: sebaspenalambarri)

Beginning early in the morning, your trip to swim with a whale shark will stretch late into the afternoon as you will be taken to the South Ari Atoll. The atoll happens to be one of the best places to sight this extant species which is the largest fish in the world.

Whale sharks are a type of carpet shark which have an attractive pattern on their body. This giant filter-feeding fish can be as long as 62 feet, dwarfing any human in comparison! Even though they weigh as much as 19,000 kg, their unique design helps them swim without sinking, with a little help from the ocean’s buoyancy.

Your full day whale shark tour includes the speedboat ride to ferry you to the diving spot and bring you back to the island where you will be boarding from. The tour usually begins from the public island of Maafushi. Snorkelling equipment will be provided to you. However, if you are more comfortable with the modern breathable snorkelling masks, carry your own by all means.

Foot fins help considerably in giving you speed and agility underwater, but you will be fine even without those. Lycra or sweat-wicking clothing is recommended in the absence of a regular diving bodysuit or swimsuit. Cotton-based clothes tend to weigh you down, and also become cumbersome once you are back on the boat.

The snorkelling instructors will teach you the basics of snorkelling and also take plenty of photos and videos of you with the whale shark. These will be shared to you as soon as you’re back to the island. This full day trip will undoubtedly make you hungry, and there is provision for lunch, apart from fruits, soft drinks and water to keep you hydrated throughout the day. Towels are also provided.

#8 Full Day Vaavu Atoll Exploration

Full Day Maldives Vaavu Atoll Exploration
Full Day Maldives Vaavu Atoll Exploration (Image credit: seefromthesky)

Vaavu Atoll is home to the longest natural walkway in The Maldives. This thin strip of white sand, with cerulean waters on either side, on the local island of Fulidhoo makes for an awesome backdrop for photography. Some tour providers carry a drone to get unbelievably fabulous aerial pictures of you on the island walkway. The full day exploration begins at 8:30 AM and goes on until 4:40 PM.

Activities include snorkelling and lunching on the sandbank. Vaavu Atoll is special also because its reef ecosystem is home to the giant trevally, a large jack fish which can weigh up to 80 kg. You will also be able to spot the threatened nurse shark which is generally harmless, but has a sharp set of teeth for defensive protection.

To get your endorphin levels up, you will have the thrill of swimming with dolphins as well! This mammalian species is very friendly, and your snorkelling guides are always there to help you get over your fears. The Vaavu Atoll excursion is inclusive of lunch, snacks and soft drinks.

Apart from the full day tours listed here, you can do a lot more in The Maldives. Whether it is walking tours of public islands, marine conservation, mangrove excursion, scuba diving or other water sports, there is no dearth of experiences for the traveller who likes adventure. These tours are never too crowded as they generally only accept up to 20 participants.