Places to Visit in Maldives for Honeymoon Couples

Places to Visit in Maldives for Honeymoon Couples

After you take the plunge and get married, plan your honeymoon to be so special that you can cherish the moments forever. If you have zeroed in on The Maldives as your first holiday destination after tying the knot, familiarise yourself with some of the best places to visit in Maldives for honeymoon couples.

Maldives, a small beautiful island with unparallelled natural beauty is one of the most favourite spots for honeymoon with its uncrowded beaches, sparkling sea, blue lagoons, eye-catching greenery and exotic marine life. Maldives is located to the south west of India and Srilanka in the Indian Ocean.

With numerous islands in The Maldives, you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to sightseeing and romancing at the same time. Experience underwater dining, swimming with manta rays, camping on a sandbank, and more. Also check out our guide What to do in Maldives for Honeymoon!

It is not just the romantic activities to do in Maldives that will astound you but also the opulence of the water villas and private island resorts that will blow your mind. Have the time of your life in this Asian paradise and let love have its way.

#1 Glow Party at Subsix

Attend an Underwater Glow Party in Maldives
Attend an Underwater Glow Party in Subsix Niyama, Maldives (courtesy: niyama)

Part of Niyama, one of the private island resorts in The Maldives, Subsix is an underwater restaurant that can be reached by a speedboat. Surrounded by coral reefs, this glass-walled restaurant requires advance reservation.

While the restaurant is accessible to all during regular meal times, a honeymooning couple should not miss the glow party which is for adults only. Drink to your heart’s content at the clam-inspired bar and cuddle with your spouse on one of the sea anemone chairs.

Subsix is known for its outstanding seafood and aquatic-themed décor. Lit up with chandeliers from Italy, the ceiling also flaunts shells that hang all over the place.

#2 Camping Overnight on Soneva Fushi’s Private Sandbank

Overnight Sandbank Camping by Soneva Fushi Maldives
Overnight Sandbank Camping by Soneva Fushi Maldives (Image credit:

Whether your package includes Maldives sandbank tours or not, you must indulge in this offbeat luxury experience designed by Soneva Fushi. Offered only to couples, this 12-hour surprise includes an overnight stay on a secluded sandbank.

Begin with a candlelight dinner under the twinkling stars and tent-style floor lamps decorating the white sand landscape. Be served by a private butler and wait for the attendants to clear up the table before escaping into your Bedouin-themed tent.

Essentially a glamping experience, you will enjoy sleeping on a comfortable wooden bed with mosquito netting. The camp has its own bathroom as well. You will also have a lantern by the tent, in case you wish to relax on the loungers outside.

The morning after, you will be served your breakfast spread at a pre-arranged time before you head back to the resort.

#3 Scuba Diving at Manta Point

Scuba Diving in Maldives
Scuba Diving in Maldives (Image credit: sebaspenalambarri)

Available among Maldives day tours is a dive at Manta Point. Located off Lankanfinolhu Island in North Malé atoll, this scuba diving location is famous for its manta cleaning station. Diving is a fantastic couple activity that helps you enjoy the beauty of the deep sea.

Even better when the dive will let you sight an enormous gathering of manta rays! You will don your scuba gear and jump to a depth of 10 metres to 18 metres in the southeast outer reef of the island.

Manta Point is the place where countless rays come for their turn to be cleaned by wrasses. You will also be able to sight various other types of fish, lobsters, whitetip sharks and humphead wrasses.

The dive is comfortable and totally doable by beginners. The temperature of the water will be around 27 to 30 degrees Celsius with a visibility of up to 30 metres. Despite the strong currents, this dive is recommended in the monsoon months of June to November.

#4 Sea of the Stars Bioluminescent Beach

What Beaches in Maldives have Bioluminescence?
Sea of the Stars Bioluminescent Beach in Maldives (courtesy: onetwotriptravelexpert)

Situated in Raa Atoll, Sea of the Stars is a glowing beach that will mesmerise your partner after sundown. Home to the rare phenomenon of bioluminescence, this beach is on Mudhdhoo Island, which is also known as Vaadhoo Island.

You can take a 3-hour seaplane transfer to this inhabited island from the Malé International Airport for USD 450. Alternatively, first fly to Gan International Airport on the eponymous island and get on a public ferry thereafter.

When it is particularly dark, take a walk along the shoreline and agitate the waters to watch the dinoflagellates glow. The activity of the phytoplanktons is better visible in the warm months of April to November.

#5 Dhadimagi Kilhi

Dhadimagi Kilhi Fresh Water Lake in Maldives
Swim at Dhadimagi Kilhi Fresh Water Lake in Maldives (courtesy: )

Look beyond Maldives water villas and explore a public island on your honeymoon. Fuvahmulah island is home to two freshwater lakes and Dhadimagi Kilhi is definitely one that deserves a visit.

Spread over an area of 6.37 hectares, this lake is a great place to fish for tilapia – a freshwater fish, almost unthinkable in the saline waters of the Indian Ocean. Whether you enjoy angling as a couple or not, this protected area will show you a different side of The Maldives.

Jump into the lake and swim where even the locals do. It is safe to swim here as the waters are calm. Surrounded by tropical fruit orchards, this Dhadimagi Kilhi can also be relished through a boat ride.

#6 Bikini Beach on Maafushi Island

Maldives’ water villas with pool may not fit every honeymooner’s budget. This is when it is a good idea to stay on a local island and romance without compromising on affordability. Maafushi Island is the perfect isle for a vacation as it has more than 70 guest houses and hotels to host lovers.

Keeping in mind that The Maldives follows Islamic culture, modest dressing is mandated on every public island. However, bikini beaches are the exception to this rule. On the Bikini Beach of Maafushi, you can turn up the heat by flaunting your colourful bikinis and working on a tan on the sun loungers.

Do remember that sunbathing is not possible fully nude anywhere in the country, and any act of disrespect towards Islam may attract penal actions, including an arrest. Before you leave the Bikini Beach, remember to wear your clothes back on.

#7 Rock Dinner at Huvafen Fushi

You can never get enough of romantic dinners on a honeymoon. To enhance the setting of your dinner date, visit Huvafen Fushi in North Malé Atoll, where you can enjoy a bespoke dining experience called the ‘Rock Dinner’.

You will be whisked off to a circular shaped rock island with just one table set for two. You will have time to take in the endless expanse of the sea as your private chef cooks live at the counter and brings each course to the edge of the ocean reef to you.

The mood is set with lanterns hanging from a lone tree on the tiny island and torches with dim lights. Begin your meal with a bowl of Valhomas Bajia (papaya gazpacho). Move on to a platter of lemon myrtle quinoa and grilled salted scallops served with grapefruit reduction.

Dig into tiger prawns marinated with garlic, lobster and tuna. Tuck into lamb chops, vegetables and a curry as well. Finish your dinner with a lavender panna cotta dessert garnished with a lavender tuile and gelato of the dame flavour.

#8 Private Movie Screening at Anantara Veli

Private Movie Screening at Anantara Veli Maldives
Private Movie Screening at Anantara Veli Maldives (courtesy: )

Exclusivity is the middle name of luxury. What can be more exclusive than watching a movie under the stars, especially when it is screened just for you and your significant other! At the private island resort of Anantara Veli, you can book such an intimate experience.

Your movie will begin during sunset and as the sky darkens, you will watch a romantic film in an open-air theatre on the beach. Listen to the waves lapping on the sand while hearing the dialogues of the actors on the big screen. You can choose from Hollywood and other foreign classics and have popcorn in the house. You can even order gourmet snacks and drinks to make your movie date more special.

#9 Soneva Jani Water Retreat with Slide

For the ultimate honeymoon luxury, book yourself a night or two at Soneva Jani’s 1-Bedroom Water Retreat with Slide. The decadence includes the famous curved water slide that lets you go from your thatched roof terrace straight to the private waters of the resort.

Spanning 411 square metres, each retreat is designed only for a couple and spread over two floors. Laze on the catamaran nets or bathe with your spouse in the outdoor bathroom. Grab a bottle of wine from the wine fridge and enjoy your tipple slinking in the sunken seating area.

Take in the panoramic views of the ocean from your dining room on the upper deck or write a love note to your partner from the study. You can even open the retractable roof of your master bedroom and stargaze on a clear night.

Sunbathe on the canopy-shaded loungers after a swim in your private saltwater plunge pool. You can even make use of the butler service or help yourself to some nibbles from the pantry. A bubble bath in the outdoor bathtub is tempting even though you have direct access to the lagoon from the bathroom.

These are not the only places to visit in Maldives for honeymoon couples. The romance never fizzles out when you holiday in an archipelago so beautiful. Plan your honeymoon with Samudra Maldives to make unforgettable memories.