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Felidhe Atoll, Maldives

Felidhe Atoll Maldives (Map, Airport Distance, Diving, History, Resorts & Weather)

Felidhe Atoll: Heaven of divers

The world knows the fact that Maldives is a delight for divers all over the world. Maldives has all the necessary ingredients to give you an amazing experience in Scuba Diving.

Infact, one of the most popular tourist activities of the Republic of Maldives is Scuba Diving. Several atolls of Maldives offer scuba diving facilities but diving in Felidhe Atoll is certainly the best amongst all.

Felidhe Atoll not only offers amazing scenic beauty but it also has a lot of diving sites to offer apart from some of the finest resorts. Some of the popular diving sites of Felidhe Atoll are:

Macro Spot: This diving site offers easy diving with no current and a big giri. The depth range of this site is 3-12 metres, hence it is ideal for the novices.

Kermitt Corner: This is one of the must try diving sites of Felidhe Atoll. It offers medium to advanced diving options. You also get to experience the channel corner and drift dive. Some of the special features of this atoll are soft corals, white tip sharks, eagle rays and live corals.

Thibisa Far Garden: The type of this dive is medium. The flavors of drift dive and channel corner are also available in this diving site. The depth range of this diving site is 12 to 30 metres. Thibisa Far Garden is located in Madivaru Kandu. Some of the special features of this diving site include turtles, Napoleons and sharks.