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Kaashidhu Atoll, Maldives

Kaashidhu atoll Maldives (Map, Airport Distance, Diving, History, Resorts & Weather)

Kaashidhu atoll: The land of coconuts

If you are planning a trip to Maldives, you simply cannot miss out on Kaashidhu Atoll. It wont be incorrect to call this Maldivian atoll as the land of coconuts. Kaashidhu is one of the inhabited atolls of Maldives. Kaashidhu atoll is situated on the eastern end of the channel which is known as Kardiva Channel according to the admiralty charts.

Kardiva Channel is also known as Kaashidu Kandu. This broad channel separates some of the central atolls of the republic of Maldives. The island of Kaashidhoo lies somewhere in the middle of the Kardiva Channel. It was known as ‘Courant de Caridoue’ according to some old French maps.

Kaashidhu atoll comprises of two islands namely Kaashidhoo and Kaashidhoo Huraa. Out of these two islands only Kaashidhoo exists now-a-days.

Although this atoll is small in size but it can be said that it is totally inhabited. You can see a glimpse of Maldivian culture, food and artifacts in this atoll. As far as the size of Kaashidhoo Island is concerned, it is the fifth largest island in the Maldivian archipelago.

Kaashidhu atoll is famous for its coconut trees. This atoll is blessed with huge wealth of coconut trees. It is said that a man called Sulaiman, who is from Kaashidhoo Island owns more than one thousand coconut trees in his name.

Although Kaashidhoo island is an atoll by itself (as far as the geography of the country goes), it has been made a part of the Male’ atoll for the administrative purposes.