Nilandhe Atholhu Uthuruburi Atoll, Maldives (Map, Airport Distance, Diving, History, Resorts & Weather)

Nilandhe Atholhu Uthuruburi: where development originates.

If you are looking to explore the business prospects in the Republic of Maldives, Nilandhe Atholhu Uthuruburi Atoll is the place to be.

Nilandhe Atholhu Uthuruburi Atoll is an important business hub of the island country of Maldives. This is the reason why this part of the country attracts a lot of business travelers apart from the regular tourists from all over the world.

The government of the Republic of Maldives is also paying a lot of attention towards the development of this atoll as it is like a milking cow to the country.

Nilandhe Atholhu Uthuruburi atoll contributes majorly to the revenue and development of the country on the whole because of the business and job opportunities that it provides.

Nilandhe Atholhu Uthuruburi atoll is popularly known as Northern Nilandhe Atoll. Nilandhe Atholhu Uthuruburi atoll is 29 km long. The aerial view of the place reveals that this atoll has a lot of sceneic beauty to offer.

Nilandhe Atholhu Uthuruburi atoll has perfect semicircle formed on its eastern side but the western side of the atoll is indented.

One of the noticeable features of this atoll is that it lacks islands on its fringes. Nilandhe Atholhu Uthuruburi atoll is situated close to the very famous Ari atoll. This is another reason why this atoll is comparatively more developed than the other parts of the country.

The average depth of the lagoons of this atoll lies between 25 to 35 fathoms which is 55 to 64 m approximately. A channel called Ariadhoo Kandu separates this atoll from the Ari Atoll.


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