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Nilandhe Atholhu Dhekunuburi Atoll, Maldives

Nilandhe Atholhu Dhekunuburi Atoll, Maldives (Map, Airport Distance, Diving, History, Resorts & Weather)

Nilandhe Atholhu Dhekunuburi: The house of jewelry.

Nilandhe Atholhu Dhekunuburi is popularly known as Southern Nilandhe Atoll. This atoll is separated from the Nilandhe Atholhu Uthuruburi or Northern Nilandhe Atoll by a channel. This separating channel is 6 km wide. This channel is called the Dheburudheetheree Kandu.

Nilandhe Atholhu Dhekunuburi atoll is a larger atoll as compared to the Nilandhe Atholhu Uthuruburi atoll. Talking about the geography of Nilandhe Atholhu Dhekunuburi atoll, it is 38 km long.

According to the aerial view of this atoll, Nilandhe Atholhu Dhekunuburi is pretty attractive in shape. It is slightly oval and has some barrier reefs. These barrier reefs are straight towards the eastern end. Nilandhe Atholhu Dhekunuburi atoll comprises of 21 islands.

The western side of this atoll does not have many islands as compared to the other parts of the atoll. The western side of the atoll has only two or three islands. Rinbudhoo and Hulhudheli are the two islands located on the western end of Nilandhe Atholhu Dhekunuburi atoll. These two islands are famous for their jewellery.

The exquisite work of jewelry that you get in this part of the atoll is one of the best ion the country. The lagoon of this atoll is an open one, unlike many atolls of the Republic of Maldives. The lagoon has greater farus as compared to the other lagoons.

Some small coral patches and shoals are an important part of this atoll. The average depth is 27 to 35 fathoms which is 49 to 64 m approximately. The lagoon has a muddy bottom.